Note: The the club’s rules mentioned here in English are informal translation of Club’s rules in Finnish. For more accurate definition, please refer to corresponding page in Finnish

1. The association’s name and hometown

The association’s name is
Oulu Cricket Club

and its headquarters are in

2. Purpose and the nature of the activity is

The association’s purpose is to promote cricket and to disseminate Cricket
amateurs, to raise member’s physical fitness and health, and create the right
sporting spirit and enduring interest in sports cricket for their members.

To achieve these purposes the association to organizes, training, coaching and
theoretical tuition. Club also holds competitions, shows, courses and parties.

The association can organize fund-raisings and lotteries to raise funds (proper
permits must be obtained for each venue).

3. Members

Association can accept a person for its full member. Applicant must accepts the
association’s purpose in terms of joining the club.

Supporting members are accepted by same criteria as full members.

Full members and supporting members approve the association’s application and
deliver it to the government.

Honorary chairman or honorary member can be called by the governments decision.
Honorary member is someone who has significantly contributed and supported the
association’s activities.

4, A member’s resignation and dismissal

A member has the right to resign from the association with written notice to the
government or the chairman or the member can give oral resignation in official
club meeting (it must be documented).

The government can dismiss a member of the association if the member has failed
to pay membership, or any other dues to the association or otherwise failed to
fulfil the obligations to which he is joining the association. Person can be
resigned also if he or she has significantly damaged the association, or no
longer meet the law or the rules of the association membership conditions.

5. Fees and dues

The annual fee and other fees for full member and supporting member are to be
decided annually. Honorary Chairman and honorary members do not pay for their

6. The Board of Directors

The governments annual meeting elects the chairman and 2 other full members,
and 0-3 alternates.

The Government working period is the time between annual meetings.

The Board elects from among its members the vice-chairman. Secretary, the
treasurer and other necessary staff can be selected also from external sources.

The board of Directors will meet when the President calls it to meet. Or, when
he is absent, the Vice President calls the meeting. Meeting is called when they
deem it necessary or when at least half of the members of the board requires it.

The government has full power when at least half of its members, the chairman or
vice chairman including, are present. Votes are decided by a simple majority
vote. Event of a tie the President’s voice decides. Election is done by

7. The association’s name Writing

(this means the persons who can use associations money. However, the purpose on
which to use money is always decided by government)

The association’s name signed by the chairman, secretary and treasurer, the two

8. Accounting, auditing
The association’s financial year is the calendar year.

The financial statements necessary documents, and the government’s annual report
to the auditors no later than one month before the annual meeting. The auditors
must provide a written opinion on the latest annual report two weeks before the
annual meeting of the Board of Directors / government.

9. The association’s meetings

The association’s annual meeting will be held annually (the date determined by
the Government) on February-March.

An extra meeting will be held when a meeting of the association so decides or
when the government considers it necessary or when at least one tenth (l / 10),
the association’s voting members so requires (this happens on a written
document). The meeting must be kept within thirty days after the government has
received the written document.

In the association’s meetings, each full member and honorary members have one
vote. Supporting member has a right for presence and to speak in the meeting.

The association’s meeting comes to a decision which receives majority votes
(unless otherwise pre defined). On event of a tie the chairman’s vote decides. In
elections however, the ticket/lottery decides.

10. The method for assembling the association’s meetings

The government must inform about associations meetings at least seven days prior
to the meeting to members by mailing letters, or by publishing newspaper
announcement, or by sending e-mail.

11, The annual meeting

The association’s annual meeting addresses the following issues:

1. Opening the meeting

2. Meeting elects the chairman, secretary and two inspectors of the minutes, and
where appropriate, for two tellers (this is for the meeting).

3. Declaring the legality of the meeting and quorum

4, Accepting the meeting agenda.

5, Declaring the financial statements, annual report and the auditors’ opinion
6. Declaring the financial statements, and giving liability of government.
7. Setting out an action plan, income statement, and the size of the membership
8. Selecting the chairman and the other members for the government.
9. Selecting one or two auditors and their deputy auditors
10. The extra issues which need to be discussed.

If a member of the association wants to make a case in the association’s annual
meeting, he must inform the government by writing, in time, so that the matter
can be included in the meeting invitation.
12. Changing the rules and the association’s dissolution

The decision to change the rules and the dissolution of the association must be
made in the association’s meeting by at least three-fourths (3 / 4) majority of
votes cast.

This kind of action must be written in the meeting invitation which is sent to
all members of the club, before the meeting.

If the association’s is to become dissoluted, the association funds are £0 be
used for promoting the club, in a manner which is decided by government. If-the
association becomes terminated, the excessive funds are to be used for the same