Oulu Cricket Club, well known as OCC, is the northern-most cricket club registered in Finland. We are also the oldest club in Oulu. Cricket enthusiasts Joose Kankare, Prabhu Sundar and Prasadh Ramachandran founded OCC in 2009. Since then, OCC has successfully been organizing both indoor and outdoor cricket activities, such as matches and tournaments, cricket training and regular practise around the year.

If you are looking to play cricket in Oulu, OCC is always open for new players and supporters and we welcome all players of all abilities with open mind. Come and join us for good fun! Don’t let the climate deter you: regardless of the harsh winter and short summer, we always find a way to play.


OCC’s vision for northern cricket is to promote the noble sport in and around Oulu by:

  • Having an open door policy to anyone and everyone interested in playing cricket, supporting the sport/club or simply wanting to learn about cricket.
  • Promoting the use of standard equipment and cricketing gear in both matches and in training.
  • Providing training and lessons to all new players, regardless of starting level.
  • Spreading the word about cricket and OCC in various events for example in connection with matches.


OCC’s mission is to be a most excellent and highly successful cricket club while always maintaining and promoting fair play and equality in sports.